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  • FAST FACTS: Mining in the Philippines

    The mining industrys contribution to the countrys GDP is at 0.6% in 2016. 7. The contribution of minerals and mineral products to the countrys total exports is at 4% and 0.3% for non

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  • Mining Industry Introduction to Mining Financial

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  • Did you know? Fun Facts about the Mining Industry in

    Mining has become an integral part of the economy in Canada. Improving your knowledge bi monthly with interesting facts, stories and things that make you think about the Canadian mining industry. Did you know these fascinating facts about the mining industry;

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  • 10 Interesting Mining Facts You Probably Didn't Know

    10 Interesting Mining Facts You Probably Didnt Know February 2, 2017 / in Mining/Heavy Industrial / by Dana Belstler Its no secret that mining is important to our economy, but I dont think most people realize how vital and integrated the mining industry is in our everyday lives!

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  • Mining Technology: Fun Facts About The Mining

    For the remainder of todays blog, well be shifting gears a bit. As the title already revealed, this article is all about providing a few interesting facts about the mining industry. Now, some of these facts you might have already heard, especially if you are in the mining industry yourself, but

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  • Mining Statistics Facts Statista

    Global mining industry MA deal value by commodity 2016 2017. Show all statistics (4) Miscellaneous Global smart mining market value projection 2014 2025. Projected adoption of technologies in

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  • 10 Facts about Coal Mining Fact File

    Facts about Coal Mining 9: the tools. A pick and shovel were the two important tools before the invention of coal cutting machines in 1880s. Facts about Coal Mining 10: the factors which affect coal mining. The quality of coal seams as well as the depth of coal affects the coal extractions method.

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  • 6 interesting mining industry facts and statistics you

    Business 6 interesting mining industry facts and statistics you should know. Mining has become a necessity because the minerals extracted from underneath the earth can be

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  • Mining Facts The Mining Association of Canada

    Mining Facts Read More » The mining industry is the largest private sector employer of Indigenous peoples in Canada on a proportional basis, and a major customer of Indigenous owned businesses. Canada has one of the largest mining supply sectors globally with more than 3,772 companies supplying engineering, geotechnical, environmental

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  • 10 amazing mining facts you probably didn't know

    The mining and resources industries affect all of our lives: From the cars we drive, to the cell phones we use, the utensils we eat with, and the money we spend all rely on the extraction of

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